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Anja Jaenicke, Books by Anja Jaenicke at, Member of the Poetic Genius Society.

Anja Jaenicke, Das Spiegelbild des Siens [German], A fictional occult and supernatural story!

Anja Jaenicke, There is More: Poetry of a distinguished Visionary, now available on Amazon!

Geoff Hammond, The Last Khan, a fiction with some basis from a former Bell Labs researcher!

Dr Greg Grove, Leopards in the Sky for the Preconscious Mind, from Freud to Einstein and more!

Dr Jason Betts, A Guide to the New Age (FREE), a humourous cartooned look at the new age and bits.

Dr Jason Betts, Maths Experiments (FREE), a great exercise workbook of fun and visual mathematics.

Dr Jason Betts, MLM Secrets for the Y2K (FREE), a neat little handbook for MLM network marketing.

Krasimir Kostadinov, Poetry,

Markus Hollstein, Books,

Matteo Basile, Poetry Book,

Patrick Zimmerschied, Books,

Robert Rose-Coutré,, Scientific research on the effects of 'screentime'.

Stephen Murray, Books and Poetry,

Thomas Hally, Concepts of Intelligence (Review), Motley Mumbling : Romance Poetry and Prose

The World Intelligence Network Magazine,

The World Genius Directory Publications - Papers

Jeffery Ford, What's So Great About High IQ Societies?, reprinted with kind permission from Triple Nine's mag Vidya.

Dr Eick Sternhagen, Time Travel, a short and very interesting paper on the theoretical physics of many time travel topics!

Dr Greg Grove, The Mind That Knows Not Itself, Dissertation Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Theocentric Psychology. 

Dr Jason Betts, Betts IQ Test Hardness - How to calculate the Betts Test Hardness (BTH) number for any high range IQ test.

Juha Starck, Resting Muscle Recovery and Growth Technique Theory - How muscles absorb different nutrients on recovery.

Marco Ripà, Solving the nx nx n3 Points Problem - Expanding the connected 9-dots problem (n=9) for higher dimensions.

Marco Ripà, On the Convergence Speed of Tetration - Exploring the properties of iterated exponentation in integer tetration.

Peter Rodgers, Superrelativity and Black Hole Shock!

Rasmus Waldna, Metaphysical Poetry - explore concepts of Space, Time, Love, Soul, Existance and even some Paradoxes!

Shalom Dickson, What on Earth is Wrong with the World - A brilliant single page of truth and clever perspective with a twist.

Slava Lanush, Real Time - presents some concepts about the reality of time. Also take a look at his ideas on the Big Bang!

Yukun Wang, Love and Beauty - a very nice, short, but beautiful pracis on the philosophical concepts of love and beauty.

The World Genius Directory Publications - Interviews

Dr Jason Betts - Independent In-Sight Journal Interview by Scott Jacobsen, Canada - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4.

The World Genius Directory Publications - Inventions

Juha Starck, The Seatguard - The world's easiest *award-winning* solution for creating a healthy sitting rhythm!

Juha Starck, The Oxygen Booster - The world's easiest *award-winning* solution for charcoal and briquette grills!

The World Genius Directory Publications - Videos

20160415 Jeffery Ford, An autistic genius discusses how differences make us special, TEDxMSU (USA).

20121028 Evangelos Katsiolis,, Epirus TV (Greece).

The World Genius Directory Publications - Memes

20170618 Jason Betts, The Demarkations of Genius.

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